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Our Vision

We envision a senior population, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, who are respected as a vital segment of the community.

Our Mission

To enhance and improve the quality of life for older adults by funding unmet basic needs in the Greater Kansas City area.

 Our Guiding Principles

1. The programís value per person served is paramount.
2. Agency must be a licensed 501C3.
3. Agency must be located in or serve the senior population of Jackson, Clay, Platte or Cass counties if Missouri, Johnson or Wyandotte counties in Kansas.
4. We encourage diversity in the grants submitted. The Foundation is inclusive in its decision-making. George H. Nettleton has the sole discretion to award grants in accordance with its mission.
5. New or existing programs are considered; they may be service-related or for capital improvements.
6. Average amount of annual grant per agency is typically less than $100,000.
7. Maximum duration of funding is two years.
8. 10 copies of Requests must be submitted to the Foundation by October 1st of any calendar year.  Please limit your submission to 3 pages, with the basic information and amount requested on the first page.
In addition, please include a project budget outlining how the grant would be spent.
All grant recipients must provide written reports to the George Nettleton Foundation addressing how grant funds have been spent and the extent to which goals for the grant have been achieved.  We require a 6-month preliminary report submitted no later than September 30 of the grant year and a final report submitted by February 1 of the year after the grant was awarded.  If the funds have not been fully spent by February 1, then a supplemental final report must be provided when the grant funds are spent.  The reports should be mailed to George H.  Nettleton Foundation, P.O. Box 8707, Prairie Village, KS  66208, or directed by email to our Board President Susann Riffe, at susannriffe@aol.com   We will not award further grant funds to entities who fail to provide these reports.

Don Davis
One of our long time board members, Don Davis, has elected to leave the Board. Don joined us in 2001, and has been an invaluable asset for seventeen years. His history working in banking trust departments has given us an insight into the needs of the elderly, and he has remained an advocate for them throughout his life, making him the conscience of the Board. We wish him all the best and will miss his wise counsel.

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